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GC Javacats Kona Storm of Claddaghcoon, DM

see her personal DM Brag Page!

Delilah's qualifying offspring that earned her the exalted title of DM:
GRC Claddaghcoon's John Deere
GRP Claddaghcoon's Ltl Nicky of Javacats
GRC Claddaghcoons Spirit of Coonalley
GRC Claddaghcoon's Fair Maeve
GRP Claddaghcoon Marcus CalmB4TheStorm

GC Claddaghcoons Fair Maeve

It was an honor when Maeve took Best Maine Coon in Championship at the Maine Street CFA Show in Parkville Maryland.  She granded a week later at the NAR show in Stamford Connecticut. She has enjoyed the showhall, playing with the judges and hanging out between rings getting special treats (this girl loves to eat!)

GC Claddaghcoon's Spirit of Coonalley

GC Claddaghcoons Oonagh

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