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GC Javacats Kona Storm of Claddaghcoon, DM


The Distinguished Merit is perhaps the most coveted of all CFA titles, and it's quite a thrill to add my beautiful Delilah to the ranks of these amazing cats.
I would like to thank Gina and Ernie Emrich of Javacats for Delilah, she has been a wonderful addition to my breeding program and my home!!
I would also like to thank Gina and Ernie and also Elaine Magee of Coonalley for showing Nicky and Spirit so wonderfully to their grand titles!!

Delilah's qualifying offspring that earned her the exalted title of DM:


Grand Champion Claddaghcoon's John Deere

GRP Claddaghcoon's Ltl Nicky of Javacats


GC Claddaghcoon's Spirit of Coonalley

GC Claddaghcoons Fair Maeve

GRP Claddaghcoon Marcus CalmB4TheStorm


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